Sharing is Caring: Farm to Kitchen Brings the Farm to Miami

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About six months ago, Jackie told you to Follow the Forager, and we hope you have been. We certainly have, as Chris Padin and his Farm to Kitchen local product distribution service delivers the best of South Florida’s farms to our restaurants’ doorsteps and our feeds online.  We always love what we see.  But turns out the best is yet to come, as I observed one day a few weeks ago in the genuine neighborhood.  Chris isn’t just foraging for us and other local restaurants anymore, he’s foraging for all of Miami in what seems to be a new co-op with a choice.

Starting with South Florida’s next growing season, beginning in early October, Farm to Kitchen will be offering farm share boxes of greens and seasonal vegetables and fruit at drop off locations around Miami. For $30-$55 you can choose what size box you’d like and choose to exclude any flavors that you don’t.

I watched as Chris kindly catered MGFD server Danielle Masseria’s weekly box to her likings.

“You want radishes?”
“No I can’t eat radishes.”
“I love beets! These are perfect for juicing.”
“Yes, please.”
“We have some pineapple mint.”

And so it went.  Danielle took home oyster mushrooms, long beans, kale, pineapple mint, peaches, eggplant, mangos, and beets, and left the zucchini and radishes for the next stop. Chris was headed over the the Raleigh to deliver a box to our beachside team. We’re happy to be the beta testers, and can’t wait until the farms start up again next fall and this service will be available to you too.

If you’d like to get on the list already so that you can be the first to be advised when product will be available, and to be sure it’ll be available in your area, please reach Chris at or (786) 246-9815. Until then stay tuned to @farmtokitchen to see what local flavors are popping up at all the Genuine kitchens. 

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