Menu Announcement: Zahav Pizzeria with James Beard Award-Winning Chef Michael Solomonov

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If you’ve attended one of our chef pop-up dinners at Harry’s Pizzeria, the new wall of memories collaged by manager Christine Susu should bring a smile to your face and a warm, fuzzy feeling to your belly.  If you haven’t yet (yet being the operative word here,) the good news is that this dinner series in its second year and booking now through 2014 is here to stay.  It is, after all, the people that make these events stick.  The endless parade of smiles, high fives and rounds of applause that our guest chefs bring to the table accompanied by their delicious menus, each uniquely their own but so similar in the heart behind them.

And then there’s the food, and the opportunity to dine at a restaurant in a city sometimes thousands of miles away without leaving our little corner of Miami’s Design District neighborhood.  On Tuesday, August 27, a little bit of Israel comes with a lot of Philadelphia at Zahav Pizzeria, and we are proud to share what chef Mike Solomonov has cooked up for his pop, here for the first time and as the chefs begin readying their prep lists at the restaurant.  It’s going to be another one for the memory wall.  Mike says he’s bringing us some Federal Doughnuts, t-shirts are the take home gift, made special just for this event.  Too. much. fun.  So chill out, check out the menu below, and click here for… FUN!

Zahav Pizzeria

Lemonnana  whiskey, lemon, mint

Lamb Tartare
Chopped Liver with cucumber
Watermelon with feta, dill and olive
Pizza  Zahav lamb ‘bresola’ with goat cheese and artichoke

Hummus tehina with fresh laffa bread
Beets with tehina
Twice-cooked eggplant
Israeli Salad with Zahav olives

Fried Cauliflower with green labaneh
Crispy Haloumi with golden raisins and pine nuts
Local Fish Crudo with orange and olive

Lamb Shoulder in pomegranate molasses with chickpeas and mint
Persian Rice
Spiced Carrots with sumac

Konafi stuffed with chocolate, labaneh ice cream

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