Renier the Good: Genuine Handyman, Genuine Philanthropist, Genuine Guy

photo 2

TGIF, it’s Renier’s special day!

My day began yesterday around 9:30 a.m., which translates to about 2 o’clock p.m. for Mr. Renier Bautista. On an average day he’s up, in the Design District taking care of business around 4 a.m. See, he can’t work when we’re all at the restaurants, because they are being readied for service at that point, and then in service for the majority of the day and night. He is a little mystical, fixing everything when no one is looking. So when Jackie suggested we do a blog post about him I thought why not?  He keeps all the gears well oiled around here, and I’m sure he’s got a thing or two up his sleeve. I had no idea.

We agreed to meet in Renier’s new workshop, built out of the back room at Harry’s Pizzeria this spring, and a place he’d be comfortable. There, sitting on chairs formerly of The Cypress Room, in the company of a sawdust-covered work bench, drills, ladders, saws and the rest of The Genuine Hospitality Group storage, Renier told me his story.

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