A Sweet Escape in the Heart of Miami

We would like to welcome another Genuine family member to The Genuine Kitchen. Kristina has a bachelors degree in Labor Relations from Cornell University, she is a native to Miami, and a Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink Reservationist extraordinaire. This past Monday she took part in The Cypress Room Employee Experience, the early stages of a cross training program Michael conceived in order to ensure that the staff has a deeper understanding of our growing company and its brands, and develop their knowledge first hand. You can see just how much of a food lover and enthusiast that Kristina is below in her description of a dinner at The Cypress Room, and on her blog Tasting It Like It is. Follow at tastingitlikeitis.wordpress.com or on instagram @tastingitlikeitis

When I eat well, my palate and my heart are so joyful that they liberate me from the everyday and allow me to savor the magical moment- the meal in question.  However, great food entails more than taste; it must also be soulful, and earlier this week at The Cypress Room, I was permitted to cherish the pleasures of food well beyond my palate. The experience was more than just gastronomic, it was emotional.

From the moment I entered the room, the warm lighting and the pink wallpaper welcomed me home, yet took me back in time. I would have loved to experience the roaring ’20s and the chandeliers and intimate environment just about offered that opportunity, while my short hair and my red lipstick fit the scene. Simultaneously, the wall mounts and the pecky cypress panels dare to combine a rustic look with the chic décor. This is what Miami is all about, being daring and escaping; which The Cypress Room embodies through portraits commemorating Florida landmarks and people savoring the indulgences that Miami represents. The Cypress Room found a way to achieve that sort of audacity while remaining composed.

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