A Clam Bake & a Homecoming in Grand Cayman

I’m getting my beach bag ready for another — yes, productive! — visit to the rock in September.  But before the trusty passport gets more island ink, we welcome back two genuine specialties to our home away from home in Camana Bay — a second Clam Bake event on the Crescent Fountain lawn and Prudent Baselais into the MGFD kitchen.

Like Michael’s Genuine® Food & Drink Grand Cayman’s 2010 opening chef de cuisine Thomas Tennant (now TGHG Special Ops Chef,) Prudent’s assuming this position should come as no surprise.  Like Tennant, Mr. Baselais’ first day in Michael’s flagship Miami kitchen as a line cook was in the restaurant’s first year — March 19, 2007 in fact, 6 days after the public stepped foot inside its doors.  Talk about Throwback Thursday!  He has grown along with The Genuine Hospitality Group, from keeping things genuine in the Restaurant Michael Schwartz kitchen to his new opportunity on the rock.

“I like the island a lot.  It reminds me of home.  I grew up a part of my life in Haiti so it really brings back a lot memories when I see breadfruit everywhere, green plantain and callaloo,” Prudent explains.  “I’m also founding out people are really nice here. Even on the street people will stop to let you pass!”

Tiger ShrimpPrudent’s influence is already being felt since he arrived earlier this summer.  People are really digging seeing the menu come to life with new ingredients like Tiger Shrimp and his new chicken set-up with fresh local bok choy and farro.

“Just like the restaurant in Miami, the wood oven is my favorite station to work in and getting with the local farmers for the freshest produce… ’cause that’s what we do!” he continues.  “One thing I never touch a day in my life before is Ackee, but I found it pairs great with the local fish.  It’s big hit on the island.”

See our UPCOMING EVENTS page for Clam Bake details, and for a genuine taste of what’s new on island as Prudent settles in, follow the restaurant’s Instagram @MGFD_GCM. We are really excited about the work manager Camille Ross has been doing to share what our Caribbean family is up to on one of its first Instagram accounts which we hope will catch on in a bigger way across the island.