Happy 3rd Birthday, Harry’s Pizzeria!

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Magic, fire, tomatoes and cheese
Bacon, basil, olives please
Writing’s on the wall…
Today we’re three!

Lots of faces, tons of fun.
Hard work to get ‘er done.
It’s that time, to pause and reflect
Look back and peer ahead.

So raise a glass with bubbles high
Make a wish and you might find
Your pizza dreams soon divined.

Cause all the ingredients,
Tasty together, it’s true
Are nothing without the secret ingredient
And that is you.


Thank you to Chef and everyone who has lent their talent to make our house a home over these past 3 years! Please enjoy a fully immersive ingredient experience in the restaurant today (especially GM Michael Kump’s truly spellbinding chalk art!)  Wish the restaurant (your server) a happy birthday and a glass of prosecco is on the house! Cheers from the whole Harry’s and #TGHG teams — past, present and future.


One thought on “Happy 3rd Birthday, Harry’s Pizzeria!

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