MGFD Brunch at 5 Years | Respect the Savory

We started celebrating 5 years of Genuine Brunch with dessert first, and now the savory team will give our pastry dream team a run for its money!

As you know, this special meal occurs once a week at Michael’s flagship and it is all about nostalgia… bringing back classics to the menu, with a genuine twist. Sitting at the top of the menu are small plates, which of course can be consumed with sweets simultaneously. The instant classics include kimchi benedict and crispy rice cake topped with a sunny side up egg. To our Chef de Cuisine, Niven Patel, brunch now means chilaquiles, too! Housemade tortilla chips are topped with salsa verde, queso fresco, cilantro, tomatoes, and a spicy cream sauce. It’s a fire party in your mouth. In fact, they are Sous-Chef Jason Arroyo’s favorite dish to make at Brunch.

Jason has worked our Brunch service for 2 years now, per TGHG Executive Chef Bradley Herron‘s request. Brunch is a way for chefs to explore their creativity and learn how to operate the MGFD kitchen effectively at its most intense pace all week.

“…Brunch is a perfect outlet to manage this kitchen”, admits Jason. Brunch can make or break you in short.

It’s an opportunity for growth due the sheer number of dishes and the flexibility of the menu. Our chilaquiles recipe is Jason’s own and calls for roasted vegetables such as the habanero peppers and tomatoes, leading to a smoky and spicy version of the traditional Mexican dish. This dish makes an appearance often due to popular guest demand (and employee demand if you ask me!) Not only does Jason love to please the audience, but he likes munching on some chilaquiles after making them.

Guest feedback factors into the brunch mix as well. Like our Executive Pastry Chef, Hedy Goldsmith, Jason walks the line between sweet and savory, evidenced by waffle topped with short rib, or taking the fried dough of a doughnut and glazing it with tangy goat cheese. In fact, he reaches out to Hedy in those instances for tips! Despite the playfulness of blurring the line, sweets require measurement, accuracy and patience.

Daniel Ramirez, recently over at Harry’s as Chef de Cuisine but a longtime cook at Genuine always called on Latin classics such as chicharrones and tostones for inspiration.

With our recent renovations and the addition of the raw bar, Brunch has evolved for the better because oysters and champagne are perfect for brunch! Further our brunch regulars can enjoy crudo, ceviche and stone crabs in addition to our traditional dishes, like the breakfast pizza. Brunch is a cultural melting pot and a flavor explosion at once, according to Chef Niven and the raw bar completes us.

Despite all the fun that comes with eating brunch, the preparation process is no joke. As early as the previous week, the chefs begin to think of potential ideas as a third of the savory dishes must be changed weekly, at the very least. By Wednesday of that week, a menu is drafted so that chefs may begin testing dishes. And on Sunday morning, chefs and cooks come in at 7am to get ready for battle. Hundreds and hunderds of small plates fly out of our miniscule kitchen within four mere hours, all so that you can enjoy Brunch the way it was meant to be. The Genuine way.

Want to see our first all staff tasting of brunch EVER? Check out our Flickr album to really flash back to Saturday, October 24, 2009, the day before our first Sunday Brunch service. TGIF and see you Sunday!

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