The 20 Essential Wines of The Cypress Room

12016454483_fae10922f5_oWe’re starting off 2015 on the wine foot. For the month of January we asked The Genuine Hospitality Group Wine Director Eric Larkee to spotlight one wine each day of the week on The Cypress Room’s Instagram so we could learn a little bit more about this special program and what makes it tick.  He kindly obliged and came up with the perfect approach: count down the wines that The Cypress Room’s list can least live without. Essentially… the 20 essential wines of of The Beverage Book!

“These wines give the list its personality and individuality,” Larkee says.  “For The Cypress Room this means wines which are appropriate for chef Roel Alcudia’s food and that are a bit old school (not just old world,) with a story and a place in the wine world history.”

Including sparkling, white, rosé, red, Sherry, Madeira, and dessert wine, there are 124 wines on the list, and the restaurant reprints its pages about every two weeks to remove the wines which have run out. The Beverage Book was Larkee’s brainchild, especially the special maps in the wine sections, working closely with Digital Designer Ilysa Corns to develop their look. The thinking was, give guests a third dimension to their experience of the wines — the sense of geographical place that is as responsible for the character of what’s in the bottle as the grape itself.  There are three maps in the book: Chablis, Nebbiolo, and Madeira.

8555859460_9a8a64d58a_k“We’re often looking for wines with a bit of bottle age on them, and we usually only have one shot to buy these wines,” he explains. “Five year old Burgundy, Rhône reds that have over a decade of age, Bordeaux from the late 80s or early 90s, as well as back-vintage Barolo and California selections.  When these wines run out they often can’t be replaced so the hunt continues.”

Yes, there are 22 weekdays in January, but this just allows for Larkee to have a little fun with fractions and decimals… his favorite! Or, perhaps a draw? Follow the countdown on @thecypressroom and #theLarkee20.  Posts will go up at 4:30 p.m. daily.  Let the games begin!  And #20 is…….

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