Springing Beyond the Buns: a Knaus Berry Farm Weekend at Harry’s Pizzeria

We are celebrating the official first weekend of spring as Knaus Berry Farm showers Harry’s Pizzeria with produce and more! Chef de cuisine Danny Ramirez took his back of house crew on a field trip to one of our favorite places in Homestead on Tuesday to harvest tomatoes, zucchini, scallions, strawberries, and greens to highlight on Harry’s regular menu this weekend.

Danny has been going to KBF since he was about 5 years old, but this was his first look behind the scenes. Danny says, “I never thought I would ever be in their elusive Back of House. I didn’t realize how many acres they have. They grow a lot more than those delicious strawberries. As a chef, being able to expose my guys, young cooks, Chris Cantu and Miller Celestino, to what real, good food is was so rewarding. They got a chance to see what really drives me and all our chefs at TGHG.” They spent a morning harvesting in the fields with Herby. Herby runs the field and Thomas runs operations, Danny explains, “I grew up with KBF strawberries and sticky buns and having a chance to meet their team and see the entire operation was like coming full circle. And as a local guy trying to make and leave a mark on my city this is what it’s all about, foraging these relationships and sustaining them so that my kids and their kids can see and taste South Florida for what it is.”

Visit the restaurant in the Design District from Friday, March 20 through Sunday, March 22 to partake in the fun and welcome a new season in South Florida!  There’s something sticky in the dessert section, too, and we bet you can guess what it is!  A special thanks to head Baker Thomas Blocher for the treats (always!) and the idea.

The Dishes:

KBF Roasted Grape Tomatoes with Stracciatella and KBF mint pesto

KBF Scallion and Zucchini Salad with zucchini blossoms, KBF parsley, botarga and lemon vinaigrette

BLT Pizza with creamed KBF spinach, KBF tomatoes and bacon

KBF Strawberry Soda

Panna Cotta with KBF strawberry compote

We are very excited for these fresh dishes and can’t wait for you to try them, see you this weekend!