Our New British Anthem | Michael’s Genuine Pub Sets Sail for Southampton

1425922434_AnthemConveyanceInfographicGet ready to be gobsmacked!  Our second Michael’s Genuine® Pub aboard Anthem of the Seas will open later this month, and we can’t wait to call Southampton, UK our first home away from home overseas!  The second in the Quantum Class fleet has made its way from the shipyard in Papenberg, Germany like big sister Quantum,  and our team here at The Genuine Hospitality Group is making final preparations to head abroad to meet her in Bremerhaven.

So, what’s new for number two?  Besides brushing up on our British English, not much, but we did feel it was important to make a few tweaks with a nod to Anthem’s home port.  The menu by and large remains the same in the snacks section.  Crispy pig ears are now called “scratchings,” and we added a great Scotch egg that chef Thomas developed in Grand Cayman, where it can often be found in myriad preparations on the menu (it’s part of the Commonweath, of course!)  Michael also added a section of larger plates including a classic Sunday Roast and grilled salmon with curried lentils.  We didn’t have to look far for amazing charcuterie and cheeses from Great Britain’s best artisanal producers, so they are highlighted in The Pub Board with accompaniments.  On a sweet note, sticky toffee pudding was a must, so it will join peanut butter pie-in-a-jar and panna cotta with mixed berries.  The Pub serves specialty cocktails, American craft beer including Michael’s Genuine® Home Brew, as well as local brews on tap and in the bottle, and a small but focused wine and spirits list. Order one of the Pubʼs three whiskey flights to sample rum from America’s east and west coasts, bourbon from the heartland, and Scotch whiskey, closer to home.  Follow along on the journey through Instagram @royalcaribbean, @mghomebrew and @mgfd_mia.


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