Buck’s Brewery Alert: May is for MIA!


BucksFlyer03After our closing April event with Funky Buddha Brewery last night, we are excited to announce that May welcomes Doral’s MIA Brewing to the Buck’s Beer Garden & Bonfire dance floor! With its TV-lined bar, tropical outdoor beer garden and tasting room, the MIA operation is dialed in and getting its product out there into the community.  You may have tried its Miami Weiss at Harry’s Pizzeria, and now The Raleigh will add it to the White Bar’s tap next month, along with MIA IPA.

“We always enjoy participating in beer gardens,” Eric Rodriguez, Territory Sales Manager for Most Wanted Beverages, MIA’s distributor in which owner Eddie Leon is  limited partner. “Talking to locals and introducing them to our beer is always fun. It’s a great way to interact with the consumer and leave them with a memory of our beers. They seem to appreciate the brand more once we get to interact with them. The craft beer community welcomed us with open arms. A lot of the guys at MIA have known other brewers and reps from working in the industry so we’re all friends. The locals have shown us a lot of love as well.”

Taking place among a lush tropical setting behind the hotel’s legendary pool, Buck’s Beer Garden & Bonfire invites locals to re-acquaint themselves with our favorite hotel on South Beach. Guests have flexibility with an a la carte, “pay-as-you-go” format purchasing carnival-style tickets at a booth for food, beer, including Michael’s Genuine Home Brew, and wine (one ticket equals $1.) Enjoy our special valet rate with Buck’s cashier validation of $5 per car, subject to availability. Tickets are reusable at future events.  As for Rodriguez, he prefers grilled or BBQ’d beer garden fare in one hand, like a Buck’s bratwurst with kraut and spicy mustard, and the MIA IPA in the other.  MIA will also tap its Pilsner, Tropical Lager and two 2 TBD styles.  We love surprises!  See you on May 7 at 6PM.

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