Harryspizzeria.com’s New Caché!

All grown up! We are really excited today at The Genuine Hospitality Group to share our new website at harryspizzeria.com. It’s mobile optimized, first and foremost, so smart phones will love and so will you.  Everything is easier and more accessible.  For the first time we have a gallery of our Daily Entrées (thanks to Tess for the money shots!) on the homepage.  Harry’s Instagram feed is too — thank you EVERYDAY Team Harry’s for keeping it fresh!  Our Locations page features all pertinent info for Harry’s Pizzeria in the Design District and Coconut Grove, including contact info and who to reach for private events, future job inquiries for the second restaurant, and more.  Do not fear, our simple PDF Menu is still one click away and updates like before instantaneously (thank you Dropbox!) and for those of you sentimentalists out there (me!) our Tumblr archives and fun page are still alive and kicking at harryspizzeria.tumblr.com.  So… you may not want to clear your cache just yet.

I asked our web designer Aryel Rivero what he thinks is important in restaurant web design today approaching this project.   “Communicating relevant information to the visitor in a beautiful and simple fashion,” he shares.  “When people visit a restaurant’s page, it’s mainly to get information (ie, menu, address, etc.) so you have to make the navigation process simple and design for both desktop and mobile users.  Sometimes you see websites that get so caught up in being “pretty” that they become hard to navigate and the visitor loses interest.  The integrated instagram feed on harryspizzeria.com is very cool.  We set it up to display specific hashtags for each restaurant location and any events that are going on. It’s a great way to keep the site fresh and instantly communicate what’s going on and keep the spirit of the Tumblr site alive.”

shrimp grab

Daily Specials on Mobile.

For those of you who may not know, Aryel and his wife Vanessa – who are both graphic artists – have an amazing website that makes gift wrap with your face on it that received some fame this past holiday season.  It’s hysterical and awesome.  As reported by ABC News, Aryel once made this gift wrap with his face on it and gave them out as gag gifts, and a business idea was born (he just wanted people to stop asking him to do it for them!)  I wondered what he’d make if he could gift wrap our pizza?

“It would have to be the Short Rib pizza with polenta fries floating around it,” he says.  “I’d wrap an empty box though. The pizza is too good to go giving it away so easily!!!”

We hope you enjoy. It was fun creating this!  Take her for a test drive today and let us know what you think.  Bear with us as this softly launches, and please send feedback to me at jackie@thegenuinehospitalitygroup.com.  Or even better, just leave a comment here. We love our guests’ ideas and are here to hear them!  The good and the bad make for a smarter site. Enjoy it, and we’ll let you know what the (RED) menu button is all about tomorrow :)

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