Harry’s Pizzeria turns (RED) in June to #86AIDS, One Backyard Mango at a Time

I see (RED) people!

I see (RED) people!

What’s orange, yellow and red all over?  Your friendly neighborhood mango is!  For the month of June, Harry’s Pizzeria is turning (RED) to #86AIDS with restaurants across America and beyond.  For our efforts down here, we thought it would be fun to take a cue from our favorite summer fruit that South Florida rallies around this time of year… the MANGO!  We all anticipate this season with mouths watered in Miami, eagerly awaiting that first juicy, creamy cube of delight…  and then comes the fruit. In droves!!!  If you are a Miami native like me, part of your childhood was spent learning how to get them before the squirrels did and how to utilize them in different ways.  It requires a little creativity, there is so much of it and sometimes more than you can handle!  Chef Niven at Michael’s Genuine likes to pick early and give his trees a little break by harvesting some green.  At my home, my mom lined full-size sheet trays with thick home fry cuts of our Haden tree’s harvest and stored them in the freezer for ready-to-make sorbet and ice cream.   I can still taste those treats, and those frozen delights were just about the only thing better in the heat of summer than gobbling up a cold, ripe fruit out of the refrigerator.  We sold our home this spring after 33 years, mostly all with a strong showing from that tree.  We will miss it dearly.  In fact, my first ripe mango of this season was from another tree, a get well present from a kind soul plucked from the grounds of the Coconut Grove neighborhood like an easter egg.

MG_HP (RED) Mangoes_Frame 5.7It’s fun experiencing this time of year with folks not from these parts, too.  Tess recently went on a foraging adventure inspired by Tiffany Noe of Little River Cooperative and author of FORAGER: A Subjective Guide to Miami’s Edible Plants.  Days and a mango-decorating party later, she found out she is allergic to these tropical jewels, but that didn’t stop her from having a ton of fun (and our office from coveting her mangoes!)

Foraging miami

Tess’s haul. Impressive for a New Yorker via Charleston!

Harry's RED Menu

Our menu blushes in June.

“Once you find one mango tree, it’s like the lights are turned on and you see they are everywhere!,” she explains.  “Not being from Miami I had no idea what mango season really meant to people from here.  And after going through FORAGER, I’m completely addicted.. Further South and West you’ll find mango trees lining the main streets and intersections. You can just pull over, and pick it’s a pretty amazing thing. I drove around a few weekends ago with a copy of the book and a notebook and made a treasure map, writing down where all the trees were where the mangoes were not ripe enough, or where a Surinam cherry goldmine is, and where I finally found tamarind.”

Feelings are strong, no matter where you are from!  So we are putting a call out.  Doodle what eating (RED) means to you on one of your extra backyard or urban-foraged mangoes and bring it to Harry’s Pizzeria.  The Genuine Hospitality Group office offers a little creative inspiration in the shot above (thanks lovely ladies LindsayJess, and Karen for playing with Tess and I!)  We’ll display our favorites in Harry’s pizza station window and on its Instagram. Chef Danny will also do his best work to make some daily specials and more with our harvest, from snacks and salads, to housemade soda and panna cotta. It’s going to be a fun month. Follow our social media @harryspizzeria and #eatredmangoes to like your favorites until we choose a winner on June 30, who will get tickets to one of our summer OMG! Dinner & a Movies with O Cinema Wynwood (yes, it’s back!)  May the reddest mango win!

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