Cypress Tavern’s Tastemaker Cocktail Hour Begins Tuesday March 1

IMG_1129 (2)To celebrate tomorrow’s launch of Tavern Tastemakers with Michael’s episode, Setting the Schwartz Table at Tavern begins a Tastemaker Cocktail Hour where for the first two hours of service weekdays ~ 6-8PM Tuesday-Friday ~ cocktails featured in our new video interview series are available for $10.  On Tuesdays when new episodes debut, we’ll have a host join us from Miami’s food and beverage community, a tastemaker in their own right.  For tomorrow’s first TCH, Pernod Ricard’s Nelson Giacometti toasts the Tavern with Michael’s Irish Whiskey Sour featuring Yellow Spot Whiskey, lemon, Trockenbeerenauslese and egg white.

Live at tomorrow.

Live at tomorrow.

Of what you could categorize as a sommelier’s twist on this classic cocktail, The Genuine Hospitality Group beverage mentor Eric Larkee says, “It works because we add a balanced sweetness not just sugary sweetness from a simple syrup.  We use a sweet wine, with notes of caramely richness and spice that add another layer of complexity to the cocktail.”  Trockenbeerenauslese refers to the sweetness level, which is probably most familiar to us as a Riesling index, but this wine is a blend of Welschreisling and Chardonnay grapes from a producer Larkee frequents, Kracher.  So like making muffins with apple juice or beet instead of granulated sugar, this cocktail has just something a little extra special to take it to Tastemaker status.  It is for Chef, after all! Cheers.

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