Floyd’s Feel Good Food | Here’s the Flavorwalla Pizzeria Menu!

HP flavorwalla sign

One week from tomorrow, April 12, Flavorwalla Pizzeria takes over Harry’s Pizzeria in the Design District with the menu below of dishes from his cookbook, officially releasing tomorrow nationwide.  Of the recipe for Dad’s Pea Soup (pages 104-106 and one of our passed items,) Floyd reflects:

Like every man of his age I knew when I was growing up, my father rarely set foot in the kitchen and he certainly never cooked.  But he loved to shell peas. He would set up at the table on Saturday afternoon with a beer and a bushel of peas and get to work. This shelling was the only ‘cooking’ he ever did, which I guess explains why none of us listened to him when week after week he repeated his counsel to my mother that she should get the cook to make a stock out of the shells.  Anyone within an earshot would roll their eyes and go back to what they were doing, pretty certain that he had no idea what he was talking about.

Floyd recalls that at some point he took Dad’s advice and found out that if the peas are really fresh, the shells impart a wonderful, subtle flavor to vegetable stocks especially.  Instead of ending up in the trash, the shells have found their rightful place simmering in the stockpot both at home and in the restaurant.  It’s these special details, family stories woven into every dish, that bring meaning and familiarity to this personal book beyond the bold, exotic flavors in every recipe.

IMG_5620 2

Dad’s Pea Soup

“Good food and good cooking are about more than how food tastes or looks on a plate; they are about how good the food makes the person cooking it and the person eating it feel,” Floyd says.  In that case with this book, and this dinner, we are in for a treat.  Get ready to feel good, people!

Welcome Cocktail
Barkha’s Mango-Pomegranate

Ossobuco braised with warming spices
Bombay ground lamb kebabs
Dad’s Pea soup
Indian-inspired pizza on the fly a la Floyd

Shrimp Curry with Cauliflower
Eggs Poached in Tomato Curry
Beryl’s Sunday Lunch Basmati Rice

Pork Neck with onions, garlic, and kokum (purplish indian spice from a fruit in the mangosteen family!)
Peter’s Orange and Mustard Grilled Chicken with chickpeas

FullSizeRender 13Third
Lamb Stew with yogurt and coconut
Grilled Cauliflower with candied ginger and pine nuts
Yellow Lentil Dal
Steel-Cut Oat Risotto with kale purée

Vanilla Bean Kulfi with citrus in rose water syrup

Seating is first come, first served for this family-style meal at our neighborhood American pizzeria. Making new friends is encouraged and easy when you’ve got a welcome cocktail in hand with four passed snacks, four courses, and four free-flowing wines for the evening selected to play well throughout the menu. You get a gift to take home, a personally signed copy FLOYD CARDOZ: FLAVORWALLA: Big Flavor. Bold Spices. A New Way to Cook the Foods You Love (Artisan Books, April 5, 2016!!!) All that and tax and gratuity are included in the ticket price of $150, sold exclusively through harryspizzeria.com/flavorwallapizzeria.  All sales are final.

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