A Cinco de Mayo Victory | More Tacos & Refreshments at Michael’s Genuine & Ella Pop!

Cinco Tacos

We always appreciate new ways to use Taquiza’s blue masa tortillas, so fresh and tasty.

Salud!  As you hop, skip and toast your way around town tomorrow, you are commemorating the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  But what you are really doing is recognizing and giving thanks for the perpetuity of two Mexican exports — tacos and tequila!  Two of our restaurants in the Design District have a little something special to put a kick in your step and keep the party going, true to form.


Veggies for life.

General Manager Sandra Pepin adds some festive touches to ella’s menu and look, as she always does in good taste and spirit! Two special tacos include roasted pork with grilled pineapple & picked red onions and shrimp with red cabbage slaw, cilantro, and cotija cheese.  Ella will also run its taco in residencia, the veggie, with cabbage, spread of delicioso black beans and avocado topped with pickled red onion.  Tacos are available two per order or a sampler of one of each at a great price. There will also be a fixins station with lots of limes, shaved radishes and cilantro as toppings; a couple of different hot sauces as well! To drink, ella’s sangria of the day will be cilantro-lime, and TGHG beverage manager Amanda Fraga is bringing in some ice cold Tecate, as is the fashionable choice for Mexican beer in a can.

unnamed (25)

Rugged and ready to assist.

At Michael’s Genuine, head bartender Craig Welsh has a new Tequila cocktail on the list, joining Magenta Jimador (Avion Silver Tequila, Liqueur di Camomilla, blood orange, lime, egg white) today through the weekend.  Meet the Mexican Mule (pictured) with Ocho Blanco, hibiscus-ginger syrup, citrus, and ginger beer.

To your health!

Battle of Puebla (via Wikipedia) celebrated country-wide with parades, food, music, folkloric dancing.

Battle of Puebla (via Wikipedia) celebrated country-wide with parades, food, music, folkloric dancing.

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