Think Pink! Everything’s Coming Up Rosés

image1Think pink, as in rosé wine pink that is! Without a doubt, the perfect summer wine is rosé with its sexy, elegant visual appeal, drinkability and relevance for pretty much any occasion.  A nice bottle of this blushing libation complements almost every type of cuisine. With that said, summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy rosé wines, especially with so many food-related gatherings ranging from picnics to barbecues to weddings. Our Beverage Manager, Amanda Fraga has paired various rosés with dishes at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink and Cypress Tavern, to illustrate the versatility and beauty of this wine.

Michael’s Genuine – Dinner
Mourvèdre blend, Gros ‘Noré, Bandol, Provence, France 2014 BTG $19 BTB $76 with the Pan Roasted ½ “Poulet Rouge” Chicken
Wines from Bandol (located in Provence) generally have a pale coral hue and are rounder and fuller-bodied than most other rosés. The Mourvèdre grape, a dominate grape in Bandol, can fill your glass with aromas of violet and rose petals and your palate with plums, cherries and dried herbs. All together, a Bandol rosé makes a great wine to have with the Pan Roasted Poulet Rouge, a heritage French farm breed from Joyce Farms in North Carolina because the acidity from the wine pairs amazingly with the fatty elements in the chicken like the skin. This red-feathered naked neck chicken has a superior taste and meat texture as well as a thinner skin, that when pan roasted forms a fine crisp. image2 (2)

Cypress Tavern – Brunch

Ricci Curbastro, Franciacorta, Italy NV with the Lobster-Avocado toast BTG $15 BTB $60
Fresh lobster and perfectly spread avocado topped on toasted buttery sourdough baguette bread to bring it all together. The acidity from the sparkling wine cuts through the fat of the butter and avocado and cleanses my palate with every bite. In addition, to a great food pairing, nothing goes better with Brunch than bubbles. The Ricci Curbastro is a traditional method sparkling wine that has a more body and texture than other sparkling’s, allowing it to pair with most of your meal.


Grenache/Syrah blend, Château La Gordonne, Provence, France 2014 with the Melon and Blueberries BTG $13 BTB $52
La Gordonne is a subtle pink color with strawberry flavors on the palate integrated with lively acidy, making it remarkably drinkable alone. Other than paring this with a nice day and nicer company, I’d enjoy this with our Melon and Blueberries brunch appetizer. The strawberry and raspberry flavors of the wine add complex red fruit flavors to accompany the melon in the dish when paired together.

image1 (1)
When pairing wines and salad one of the first components I look at is the dressing. Dressings have bold characteristics that can alter the flavors of the entire dish and over power a wine. So it’s important to match the weight in the dressing to the weight of the wine. With the Peach salad, the La Gordonne rosé meets and exceeds the acidity in the meyer lemon vinaigrette dressing and cleans your palate after every bite. Additionally, the peach adds a little sweetness to balance the dryness of the rosé.

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