A Letter to Our Guests

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The Genuine Hospitality Group serves the Miami and Shaker Heights communities in our restaurants Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink, Amara at Paraiso, Tigertail + Mary, Ella, Harry’s Pizzeria and Genuine Pizza.

The health and safety of our guests and our employees is our highest priority.

We’ve consistently and most recently received an A Grade from the health department in regards to our compliance to health standards.  At this time, we’ve decided to raise our usual standards of cleanliness and health safety even higher.

We have implemented several new policies and procedures, which follow recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Florida Health Department.

  • During each shift, we have assigned a dedicated employee to be FOCUSED SOLELY on keeping the restaurant above standards and leading efforts to keep our restaurants clean.
  • Gloves are to be worn by all back of the house employees prepping any food and are changed every 15 minutes.
  • Hand sanitizers are located both in the front and back of house locations. Sanitizers are refilled and checked regularly.
  • Public touch points such as door handles and knobs are cleaned every hour.
  • Restaurant counters and dining tables are wiped thoroughly after every guest.
  • We have implemented hand washing or sanitizing procedures to take place multiple times during the employee’s shift.
  • All Genuine Hospitality Group employees are prohibited from reporting to work with a respiratory illness that can be transmitted to others.
  • We have instructed employees to not touch guests with their hands or to touch other employees.  We are an “elbows only” establishment
  • We are in constant communication with our employees to reinforce our sanitization safety procedures in both guest-facing and back-of-house areas.

We wish you and your family safety as we all get through this together. Thank you.

Michael Schwartz



Revolve puts Chef Schwartz in the driver’s seat

MS in Blue Car

Revolve unlocks the car lover in Chef Schwartz

The Genuine Hospitality Group is excited to announce a unique partnership with Revolve, the pioneers in luxury automotive subscription.

Revolve’s tech-driven vehicle subscription service enables their customers to drive a different high-end vehicle every few months.  No longer do you have to buy or lease a new vehicle and be stuck with it for many years.  With Revolve, you select from their curated collection of the best vehicles from the top brands and have each premier ride delivered right to your driveway.

Chef Schwartz became an early Revolve member last year and sat down with me to  explain how Revolve enabled him to unlock the garage of his dreams.

Are you a car guy?

Oh, yeah, I am a total car guy.  I was never wealthy enough to a be a CAR GUY, but I always was interested in and enjoyed cars.  I have now become a car guy in a large part due to my experience with Revolve.

What was your first car?

My first car was a 1985 Jeep CJ-7 and I still have it, restored twice, five speed, manual transmission, candy apple red.  I have 125,000 miles on it, which is not that much considering how long I have owned it.  It has gone across the country a couple of times and I drove it around Mexico for six months.

What is your favorite car you have ever owned?

The Jeep was the first love.  But the best I have ever owned is the Tesla Model S.  It is like an everything car.  It is huge – fits five or six comfortably.  It has a tons of space, but it drives like a sports car – super-fast.  It is the fastest car I have ever driven.  And now through Revolve I have driven a Porsche 911 Carrera S, Mercedes S63 AMG, Corvette Z06, Lexus LC500 and others, but the Tesla is the fastest. There is no hesitation, with the all-electric power you just push the peddle and it just goes.

What do you listen to in the car?

It is usually my playlists through Spotify or Pandora.  The playlist could be Jazz (Monk, Coltrane). Rock (Foo Fighters, Black Keys) or Rap (Jay Z, Drake).  Depends on how I am feeling.

How do you like to drive?

I am a safe driver, but I like to open it up and have some fun in a sports car or convertible.  After all, that’s what those cars were mean for, and Revolve has some of the best ones available. But I usually don’t drive much, just usually over the causeway.

How long have you been part of Revolve?

For over 16 months.  During that time, I’ve had the chance to experience and drive 8 different cars, including sports cars, sedans, SUVs and convertibles.

Red Car and MS

Chef Schwartz is all smiles with Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

What appealed to you about Revolve?

I was always one of those guys that whenever I got a new car, no matter how much I liked it at first, six months later I was like “I am sick of this car.”  So, what was immediately appealing about Revolve’s model is that you get to drive a continuous rotation of different new cars all the time.

What has your experience with Revolve been like?

It has been an amazing experience because you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING. You put gas in the car and that is it.  You don’t have to worry about maintenance, or insurance, or going anywhere if the car breaks down or when they swap it. Revolve comes to you, they are super professional.  It is a completely luxury concierge service with all the best vehicles that a car guy would want to drive.

 What has surprised you most about Revolve?

What surprised me was around transitioning from one car to the next new ride and how quickly you are into the new one.  Once you have done this for a little while, you figure out how to adjust to the new car thing. Some of them are sort of the same, but some are very different.  That is where the Revolve Concierges come into play.  When they hand over the car, they go through everything.  If there is a question you can call them.  There is also a great app.  It is super easy and a ton of fun.

 What was the favorite car you have gotten from Revolve?

That’s a tough question – like asking me which is my favorite restaurant!  The standouts have been the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe which is just a ridiculous combination of luxury and power, and the Mercedes S Class, with the incredibly smooth ride and big four doors, I loved it.  Also the Land Rover SVR, that was a good one – a big SUV that drives and sounds like a sports car.  Right now I love the current car I am driving, the Jaguar F Type R, in fact, I don’t want to get out of it!


Revolve is offering a $500 discount towards their Membership Initiation Fee.  Learn more about Revolve here or to apply for a membership visit www.DriveRevolve.com/Referral and site Chef Schwartz under “referred by” to receive the exclusive discount.



Plant Based? Plant Yourself at Genuine Pizza™ and Harry’s Pizzeria® with New Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

For Chef Schwartz quality is king and so are happy guests.  With 93% of people in American eating pizza at least once a month, and many with dietary restrictions, it is important our restaurant menus make guests feel at home — just like our dining rooms.  Now Genuine Pizza and Harry’s Pizzeria are more vegan-friendly than ever, thanks to the introduction this week of vegan mozzarella “cheese” that can be added to any pizza. The choice was popular brand Daiya, an industry leader in plant-based products and also serious about quality, to provide us with their premium Mozzarella Style Shreds.

Schwartz says, “Making our pizza restaurants more welcoming to more people is a win and something like vegan cheese is a big deal to a lot of folks.  We’re mindful of that. We’re also excited about how well the mozzarella-style melts.”

The margherita and “cheese” pizzas can be made vegan — adding caponata to either makes for a tasty combination. In addition to the vegan options on the pizza menu, we make a number of colorful salads with satisfying grains and beans, and a roasted eggplant entrée that can also be made vegan.

“Plant-based is no longer a fringe movement—it is now mainstream,” says Michael Lynch, Daiya’s vice president of marketing. “Today’s consumers have an appetite for foods that not only taste great, but are also better for themselves as well as the planet.”

We added a gluten free dough last year and the response has been great, not just accounting for a 4% slice of pizza sales, but especially to how good Wild Flour’s crust eats.  Whether you suffer from allergies, are dairy-intolerant, living vegan or simply choosing a healthier lifestyle you can still enjoy a better pizza. We leave the choice in your hands!

Nursing the Gluten-Free Pizza Predicament to Perfected

Executive Chef Bradley Herron came back from a recent Restaurant Trade show excited about a gluten-free dough he had discovered. He got a sample, made some pies, and everyone was impressed with the crust and the overall taste. It was lighter and more airy, clearly better than what we had been making in house.

We brought in the dough from Wild Flour Bakery in Boulder, Colorado in early August and the response has been great at Harry’s Pizzeria®. GF Pizza sales have grown from 1.9% with our old crust, up to 4.5% of total pizza sales with Wild Flour’s product.

I wanted to learn more about the company that produces the dough, so I reached out to Kim Desch, the founder and CEO of Wild Flour Bakery. Kim was a Nurse practitioner addressing autoimmune disease and gluten-sensitivity 10 years ago in California. GF wasn’t part of the everyday conversation around diet, nor dining out.

“Pizza is that go-to food which was always the downfall for my patients in keeping a gluten-free diet,” she says.

At about this time, she too was diagnosed with gluten-intolerance and so became keenly aware of how difficult it really was for her patients. “I became gluten-free and it really stinks.  The pizza was really hard. I had teenage kids and let’s face it, pizza is a necessity! I said to myself, ‘there has to be a solution that does NOT involve nasty, cracker-like, flavorless and weird-textured pizza crusts!”

Kim got started solving this dilemma — not a chef herself, but like any chef in our restaurants would. It took her two years of research and development “my family ate a great deal of bad pizza!” They moved to Boulder in 2011. She describes Boulder as the GF capital of the World. The Boulder environment has been great to test her pizzas and to hear back from chefs – who are the toughest critics. In time, she created and perfected her custom, yeast-raised, blended dough – a mix of starches and grains, all non-GMO ingredients.

Wildflower’s GF dough doesn’t bake directly on the oven deck but is instead hand formed on this silicon mat avoid as little cross contamination as possible.

They now have been selling it for four years to restaurants with many satisfied chefs and many customers doubting whether this is truly GF.  “People called to say, they are sending the pizzas back – they don’t believe it. We tell people ‘Having a great gluten-free experience is possible, and we make that possible,” Kim says.

Chef Brad is excited about the response we have gotten to the new product and is looking forward to bringing it to Genuine Pizza™ when it opens in Aventura later this month. He particularly likes how well the dough behaves in our Marra Forni ovens, and how simple it is to work with. “We are excited to have a dough that customers enjoy and keep coming back to order again and again.” All pizzas at Harry’s Pizzeria’s three locations can be made with GF crust. Of course, there is a possibility of cross-contamination, as the restaurants are not GF environments, so we advise against it for cases of extreme gluten intolerance.

The process, as close to perfected as we can get. Until there’s something better!