The Genuine Kitchen tells the stories of and behind Michael Schwartz’s restaurants and its people.  Questions, ideas, or suggestions for the blog?  Email Brand Director Jackie Sayet. Members of the media can also reach her immediately at 786.282.8797 if your need is urgent.

33 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hi,
    I’m in Grand Cayman and am currently writing a magazine article about your new venture here. I talked w/Michael last week and he said he’s flying in today. I’d like to try to meet him for a drink this evening in anticipation of submitting my final draft of the article to the publisher tomorrow, as I’ll on deadline right now. Could you try to help facilitate. I’d suggest we meet at Abacus at Camana Bay, any time after 5.
    Gretchen Allen

  2. When is the Grnad Cayman location opening? Would like to try and get an outside table for 4-5 as I cannot wait to try the Crispy Belly Pork and some of those divine desserts again (unless I manage to hit Miami again first)

  3. How can we make reservations for the Camana Bay restaurant? Can’t wait to try it out and know the grand opening is next week.

    • Hi Susana,
      We keep the vending page ( updated regularly with info on where the cart will be. We also tweet at @mgfd_mia when we post new information, or you are welcome to subscribe to the blog and receive email updates that way. Thanks for your interest!

  4. I was just wondering where you get your amazing produce from. I love the freshness of everything and i want to know where i can get the same produce for my own home.

  5. Hello Thomas. We spoke this evening (1/31/11) about lion fish. You said that you could prepare something for our reservation Tuesday evening. I was negligent in not mentioning that my wife is very allergic to celery. Please don’t use celery in the preparation. Thank you so much.

    Sander Kean
    Reservations at Michael’s in Camana Bay on Tuesday evening (2/1/11) at 7:30pm.

  6. Good day
    I want to move to caymans soon, and i love your food im Florida, i want to know if you have a job opportunity, full bilingual, spanish & english, with expirience in bar managing with harley davidson bar in Honduras and Chokos as manager, will be great to have such expirience, cheers!

  7. Hello There!

    Do any of your restaurants take interns? I am a baking and patisserie student and I have been reading about your blog for some time now. I had some kitchen experience while finishing my degree. It would truly be an honor and learn more under Chef Goldsmith and her team if given the chance. How should I go about it? Who do I contact?

    Thanks so much and I look forward to your immediate response. Cheers!

  8. Hi!

    My name is Jon and I am traveling around the US doing a burger blog for a Swedish magazine. I am planning to visit your Miami spot tomorrow as one of only two visits in Florida. I was just wondering if I need/can make reservations or if I can just come by.

    Thank you!

  9. Hi Jon! We’re not open for lunch today so it will be tough for you to get the burger (also tomorrow is brunch, not lunch, and the burger is not on that menu either.) You’ll have to come by Monday’s lunch, and you do not need a reservation.
    Thanks for your interest,

  10. Hello,
    My name is María José Domínguez, I am a graphic designer at in Magazine,
    which is LAN’s official in-flight magazine, accompanying and entertaining
    passengers during their flights. Editorially, it revolves around the
    lifestyles of today’s travelers and features the participation of
    outstanding contributors, designers and photographers. It is a monthly
    publication with a circulation of 80,000 copies, reaching an audience of
    more than 1,100,000 readers in domestic routes in Chile, Peru and
    Argentina, and international routes through the major South America
    cities, as well as those of North America, Europe and Oceania.

    In our December issue we are publishing about your restaurant and we need a photo in high resolution ;)


    María José Domínguez
    Diseñadora / Designer
    Revista In / In Magazine
    56-2-898 6827

  11. Hi,
    Comes now a nonfood inquiry.
    I am seeking the lovely little glass globe light pendants in the Miami dining room. Any chance you might be able to help me find them?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hello,
    We just wanted to extend my congratulations to chef Hedy for the feature in the last issue of Wine Spectator. We can’t wait to try the recipe, and we’re certainly looking forward to the book launch.
    David and Rona

    • Sorry you will have to come in for Hedy’s sweets :) and so sorry for the delay in responding. Did not see this until just now!

  13. I bought the cookbook and I’m anxious to start trying some of the recipes. Every time I think I’ll give it a shot, I end up making a reservation and having Michael’s do the rest. Ha ha. I took my mom that was visiting from DC and she loved the menudo. Any chance you’ll post the recipe to that? She said it was different (from her own) but that she really loved the flavours.

  14. Hello! What is your hiring procedure for kitchen help at your Cayman location? I spent a month or so in the caymans and am exploring the idea of a season or more down there. I understand a work permit and medical exams are required. What’s an average cook/prep cook wage for the area?

    Michael Cotter

  15. Request: Pictures for an article of Axel Springer press


    this is Sebastian Struwe from Axel Springer press in Berlin.
    I would like to ask you for a favour. We write an article about your restaurant in Miami for the new travelling-portal
    Could you send me (optimally between 8 and 15) convincing pictures (+ source citation) with good resolution about the restaurant, rooms, people et cetera I can insert into the article then?

    I already give thanks for your answer!

    Greetings from Berlin
    Sebastian Struwe

  16. Hello jackie, LOVE michael’s! We just arrived back from our grand cayman vacation and visited the restaurant. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly (we had a filipino waiter and bus boy, dont remember their names) and the food was SPECTACULAR! We are used to eating at many fine dining restaurants and couldnt say enough about this place…it was our favorite restaurant on the island. That said, we have friends who are vacationing there the w/o 5/20 and i wanted to get them a gift certificate because we want them to eat @ Michael’s so badly. However, i tried calling the miami michael’s and they said their gift certs cant be used in grand cayman. I was told to check the website but dont see any contact info anywhere! I know your blog is not meant for this purpose, but am hoping you can connect me to the right grand cayman michaels contacts via email, please? Sorry to put you in the middle, but was desperate to get our friends a gift cert in time for their vacation. If you can please let me know, i would be so appreciative. Thanks so much! Melissa /

  17. Hello Jackie!

    I was curious about how long it takes for an applicant’s emailed resume to be processed? I responded to the Craigslist add and sent my information to I have a B.S in Hospitality Management, held the title of Sous chef for a catering company, and am currently finishing up an internship on an organic sustainable farm. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is the Ideal place for me. If given the opportunity of having you or Chef Michael read through my response, and see the awesome pictures of baby goats and pickles from the farm internship, I know you would agree. Thank you so much for having this blog as a easy and direct form of contact with you and the restaurant.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Sasha Ariel Ullman

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