Cold Tea Service at The Cypress Room Gets Some Summer Loving, Beginning Tonight

photo(11) As we posted last week, The Genuine Hospitality Group Beverage Director Ryan Goodspeed hit up Tales of the Cocktail, the annual fulcrum of the beverage industry where he witnessed The Cypress Room bartender Cricket Nelson take home the gold in the Bombay Sapphire’s World’s Most Imaginative Bartender competition.  The wining elixir?  Love Game, a tea-based cocktail featuring Bombay Sapphire East gin which adds two new botanicals, lemongrass and black peppercorns to the original ten present in the flagship product.  It’s the newest spirit from the House of Bombay in 25 years and is currently entering the Miami market.  We’re excited to have some of the first bottles at The Cypress Room, and what better way to enjoy them than imaginatively in Cold Tea Service.  Gone is Spring Fling Enter our summer love ~ Love Game.

IMG_0095Beginning tonight, ask your friendly server or barman, or check out the bottom of The Cypress Room’s Bar Snacks menu to order Love Game, a large format cocktail for two served from our collection of distinctive tea pots which Ellie sourced from thrift stores around town.  Cricket explains that it is the juxtaposition of English tradition and Asian inspiration, using Earl Grey Tea, Roses, Fresh Lemon Juice, Citrus Based bitters, Thai Basil, Rose Water, and lemon oil to complement the gin. The perfume of roses enhances the delicate floral nose of Sapphire East, while the citrus elements bring forward the Thai Lemongrass botanical of the gin. Fresh Thai Basil enhances Vietnamese Black Peppercorn, licorice, and other spice notes of Sapphire East on the palate. Once poured, guests are invited to finish the cocktail by twisting a lemon peel over their cup to release lemon oils over the surface of the drink before sipping. While the cocktail is served as recommended, some Rose Bud Syrup and lemon slices are provided so the guest may adjust to their taste, in proper tea service style.  Voila!  Cheers to an elegant Miami weekend from all of us at The Genuine Hospitality Group.