#thisisMGFD: Short Rib Croquettes | Roasted Vegetable Salad | Pan Roasted Snapper


As our new menu settles in, we’ll be highlighting dishes on the blog a few at a time as we taste through them all, with menu descriptions provided by the chefs so you can get to know them, too.  Here are some highlights from last night’s first Dinner service:


Short Rib Croquettes with smoked paprika aioli — These tasty three-bite nuggets are made with an ingredient common to the Miami table: yucca.  I like to think of this as a take on what one might find at Palacio de Los Jugos (a known palace of inspiration for Chef!) where they’re sprinkled with pork bits.  Here, the tuber is boiled and mixed into a batter with flour and egg, filled and balled with slow cooked short rib and all the good flavor-making stuff — mirepoix, white wine, tomato, orange, cumin and oregano — fried until brown and crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and nestled in a pool of smoked paprika aioli.  This sauce is a keeper, and you can whisk it up with egg yolk, lemon juice, and a slow steady stream of olive oil.  The creamy condiment is transformed into a vivid shade of orange with the intoxicating addition of smoked paprika.

img_0146Roasted Vegetables with seeds & grains, tahini, cilantro — So not all of us may be in agreement that this is a salad, but we are definitely on the same page that it’s a flavor-packed winner. Share it with a friend as a starter or make a satisfying meal of a bowl including red quinoa, bulgar wheat, wild rice, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, and toasted, spiced pumpkin seeds tossed with roasted heirloom carrots, cauliflower and petals of caramelized onions.  Sitting atop a cushion of tahini and topped with fresh picked cilantro, this one’s gonna call you back.

Pan Roasted Snapper with clams, bacon, green onion, green sauce  Umami bursts from the plate here in perfect balance. A 6oz filet of snapper (or what’s light and flakey and running locally, like tilefish perhaps) is pan roasted skin side down until crispy.  That’s important for contrast.  Braised in the pan with butter, thyme and garlic, it’s served on a bed of grilled scallions and a pool of green sauce.  It’s just heaven, combining clam juice, garlic, thyme, white wine, spinach, parsley, tarragon, and basil all puréed and mounted with butter.  Good lord is it lick-your-plate-clean good.  Adding crisp chunks of house smoked bacon and a few steamed clams in their shell to guild the lily, this is sure to be a keeper.

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Break Cornbread with Chef Bradley Herron’s Menu at Harry’s First Rosé BBQ Night

Rosé BBQ Night_Menu

Tuesday’s menu by chef de cuisine Bradley Herron.

14867168290_f4e933381e_kA week from today it’ll be time to roll out the smoker again for Harry’s first Rosé BBQ Night, and we’re breaking out the rosé for the occasion.  And the menu ready for us to salivate over.

Harry’s Pizzeria is so excited to welcome back The Genuine Hospitality Group Executive Chef Bradley Herron,  this time to pop a rosé barbecue dinner at Michael’s neighborhood American pizzeria. This is the wine we like to drink; it always occupies a special place at the Schwartz table and summertime is no exception. Tickets are $79 and include it all — the stationed menu above, all you care to drink rosé and draught beer, tax and gratuity.  It all gets started Tuesday, August 23 at 6:30 p.m. at our location in the Miami Design District (3918 North Miami Avenue, Miami, 33127) and will be going until close that night.  Purchase tickets to join us HERE!

HP Rose BBQ Blast smoker header

[UPDATED] FOOD DAY 2012: Chickens & Eggs, Students & Seedlings, Farmers & Chefs, and a Genuine Team

Update: After the questions, answers, seeds, seedlings, water trips, duck eggs, chicken eggs, and quiche with the fourth and fifth graders at Phillis Wheatley Elementary over the last three days, here are your pics from Planting Day and Food Day. The Edible School Garden is gorgeous thanks to the kids and our amazing group of volunteers who came out yesterday, special thanks to Melisa Phifer farm director Earth N Us who kept all our seedlings in a row! And to Keith for organizing so much on the kitchen and farm end for us! Today there was as much reaction to Brad’s zucchini and tomato quiche as questions and answers to Keith about chickens and eggs. We can’t wait for more Phillis Wheatley fun! Stay tuned for gardening lessons, a harvest, more cooking and a field trip to Earth N Us farm yet to come this school year.

Some of you might remember our farmer friend Dale from our #SoBeWFF farm-to-table brunch this past spring. Here, all his eggs in a basket, from quail to poulet to duck.

To me, the egg is a perfect creation. From meringue to tiramisu, meatballs to fried chicken, souffles to egg cream sodas (which isn’t even egg related, but I would argue that the the three little letters in the name make it somehow creamier). A fresh egg can make everything better.  Rice cake anyone??

When we heard about FOOD DAY 2012, which this year falls on Wednesday, October 24 and celebrates eating “real” food, I first thought of our Miami-Dade County Public Schools Chef Partnership school Phillis Wheatley Elementary in Overtown.  Immediately after, eggs.   What better way to celebrate healthy, affordable, and sustainable food, than with eggs, and better yet — an EGGstravaganza. (Would you like some cheese with your eggs? I do!)

Seedlings at Little River Garden ready for PLANTING DAY at Phillis Wheatley’s Edible School Garden

First, we would get to work re-plant the school garden, something we do each year by working with the school’s Science Coach, Kelley Garcia for 2012-13.  Enlisting head server and gardener for the Michael’s Genuine courtyard orchids and Harry’s Pizzeria herb gardens, Himnahtooyah, for his expertise, and the aways enthusiastic server Tara Kaiser for some extra helping hands, our in-house cook/neighborhood farmer/goat whisperer/produce forager Keith Kalmanowitcz,  stepped right up. to get seedlings from a few of our favorite local gardens and donated some of his own from Earth N Us farm to hold our third annual planting day on Tuesday, October 23.

Next, I immediately got to work on activities for the following day and called our local EGGspert (I’m finished, promise) farmer Dale Volkert of Lake Meadow Naturals in Ocoee, FL and asked if he would come down to help us with a presentation.  Unfortunately, the response I received from Dale was that he couldn’t make it, since it would fall during his rare but necessary annual vacation, but he went on to say…

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