[VIDEO] Bradley Packs Some Heat with Pig

When a whole Hereford hog comes in from Jim Wood at Palmetto Creek Farms you can usually count on  porchetta coming out of chef de cuisine Bradley Herron’s kitchen.  But today we concern ourselves with some of the less predictable but no less delicious ways Friday’s delivery is showing up on the menu this week.

One of last night’s specials was pig’s foot, tenderized meat pulled after a long braise and compressed into a roulade, seared off until crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, and set on a smooth shmear of onion sauce next to a crunchy mound of pickled okra, radish and frisee. See how the dish came together in the kitchen last night with cook Jose on the hot line and Bradley on expo.  There are 3 of the 16 orders of pig foot left for tonight’s dinner service, and a new dish ready to fly out, the description of which is above care of Brad’s clipboard.

And if you see Brad around the restaurant on your next visit, be sure to embarrass our Eater Young Gun nominee some more with a congratulatory high five and a shout @jefeherron #eyg12 on Twitter.  If he’ll let you!