Banding Together at Harry’s to Support Young Musicians Unite’s Spring Concert on 5/14

Harry's Pizzeria - Young Musicans Unite's Promo

Both locations of Harry’s Pizzeria (Design District pictured) are representing Young Musicians Unite with its amazing concert poster!

We like getting behind young talent, especially when it’s in the family.  After a successful FAM Night performance at Harry’s Pizzeria in Coconut Grove, Harry Schwartz is back with his band Arrowhead, this time for Young Musicians Unite’s annual spring concert… and tickets are live now here!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.55.20 PM

As always, 100% of concert net proceeds will continue to fund Young Musicians Unite’s two free after-school programs, at The Young Men’s Prep Academy and The Overtown Youth Center, and will also enable the organization to expand into a third program at Jose De Diego Middle School.   The new program will include a 15-20 student “Rock Ensemble,” a concept created in the early 1970s by the late Douglas Burris’ of Miami Beach Senior high, which continues to this day.

The event, held Saturday May 14, in The Gleason Room — Backstage at The Filmore, will showcase performances by student rock bands, Jazz combos, and guitar ensembles from across Miami-Dade County.  Student ensembles are looking forward to showcasing their talent and efforts of their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

A pair of tickets to a concert as hot as our oven!

A pair of tickets to a concert as hot as our oven!

Beginning today, courtesy of Chef Michael, you have a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show!  Simply follow @harryspizzeria’s Instagram account, tag whom you would like to take as your guest, and THE Harry will choose a winner.  You have until this Sunday 4/24 at noon to enter, and the winner will be DMed shortly after by @harryspizzeria.  Check out his feed too, @harrythedrummer, to see what will sway him your way. [Hint: emoji use is encouraged!]

On the day of the concert, doors open at 7:00 pm; performance starts promptly at 7:30 pm. Ensembles scheduled to perform include, Arrowhead, Redwood Trip, YMP Jazz Combo, and YMP & OYC Guitar Ensemble.

Here’s the Deals: New Game Day Wings & Happy Hour at Harry’s Pizzeria in the Design District

Happy Hour & WIngs HP DD

First it was new wood oven roasted wings for game days… Now Harry’s Pizzeria in the DESIGN DISTRICT turns up the heat again with new specials to whet your wing whistle.  Beginning this week, enjoy both HAPPY HOUR and WING IT at Michael Schwartz’s neighborhood American pizzeria to the north.  Each is delicious, easy and a fun way to gather around great food and company in our hip, casual joint.  Here’s the deals:

WING IT  >> Do we smell a Heat home game today?  Harry’s has pre-gamed and post-gamed its local sports lovers and season ticket holders now for years.  Now we celebrate our fans with some sportsmanlike love.  Present any same day, game day ticket to your Harry’s Pizzeria server in the Design District and get the home court (and field!) advantage in our house: one complimentary order of wings with your meal!   Offer applies for parties of two or more and is valid for the day noted on your ticket.  Share the love on social media using hashtag #HPWingIt.  Kind of seals the deal for a spot on Sunday’s #HPfavefive!

harryspizzeria@harryspizzeria in the Design District is now offering Happy Hour!! Enjoy all beers and wine Mondays through Fridays between 4 and 6 pm half off! For example try a pint of the Rica Wheat IPA from @concretebeachfl #querica #ipa #happyhour #hpdesigndistrict #designdistricthappyhour #beer #wine

Instahappy: @harryspizzeria in the Design District is now offering Happy Hour!! Enjoy all beers and wine Mondays through Fridays between 4 and 6 pm half off! For example try a pint of the Rica Wheat IPA from @concretebeachfl #querica #ipa #happyhour #hpdesigndistrict #designdistricthappyhour #beer #wine

HAPPY HOUR  >> Sidle up to a new, friendly Design District Happy Hour.  Monday through Friday from 4-6PM come on by and enjoy 1/2 off rotating craft beer on tap, some favorite brands in the bottle, and our creative wine list (glass, carafe, bottle all Happy Hour-approved) curated by The Genuine Hospitality Group wine and spirits director Eric Larkee.  Our menu is updated in real time HERE and draught beer is on the chalkboard by the counter in the restaurant. Follow #HPDesignDistrict as each day at 3PM when we spotlight a happy hour beverage, sometimes with a pairing suggestions from Harry’s menu!


It’s Harry’s Pizzeria On Wheels!

Director of Special Events Lindsay Guidos with Chef, tasting out the goods. All Genuine photo shoots are edible!

TGHG Director of Special Events Lindsay Guidos with Chef, tasting out the goods. All Genuine photo shoots are edible!

Miami’s favorite casual neighborhood joint, Harry’s Pizzeria®, is hitting road from its headquarters in the Design District as Michael Schwartz readies the opening of our first new location in Coconut Grove!!!  The Genuine Hospitality Group is now proud to offer Harry’s Pizzeria on wheels, bringing the pizza party to you courtesy of Michael Schwartz Events with a beautiful, copper-domed mobile wood-burning oven. This latest offering from the company’s growing off-site events and catering outfit makes popping up a Schwartz-approved pizza party virtually anywhere in South Florida a reality.

Director of Special Events Lindsay Guidos explains, “What’s unique about our events capability is that you have the entire Genuine team’s resources at your disposal – our chefs, menus and me to plan everything! From fully-staffed experiences with décor to simply cranking out perfectly-tuned Harry’s pies for a hungry group, enjoy as much James Beard Award-winning food & hospitality as you care to experience.”

Like its on-site private parties, Harry’s Pizzeria’s mobile oven option makes for water cooler-worthy office happy hour gatherings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and unforgettable kids’ birthday celebrations. Menus are fully customizable from dedicated pizza parties featuring Harry’s favorite pies, to family-style spreads that showcase the restaurant’s favorite snacks, bright and colorful salads, entrée specials, and desserts. Leverage the group’s Genuine coffers to complement the meal with craft beers and new world wines like Chef’s own Lua Rossa red blend, as well as old world standbys from Wine Director Eric Larkee’s lists across all Schwartz restaurants.


Wish we could park the oven in front of Harry’s every day!

For menus and pricing, including planning parties at any of The Genuine Hospitality Group restaurants, please reach Lindsay at or 203.313.4503. Check out the feed on Instagram at #HPMobileOven and #michaelschwartzevents.

Harry’s Pizza Party | SAMPLE MENU
Served Family-Style

Meatballs in sauce
Focaccia & Homemade Organic Ricotta
Escarole lemon, anchovy & bread crumbs
Heirloom Tomato & Mozzarella torn basil, extra virgin olive oil
Margherita mozzarella, tomato sauce & basil
Oyster Mushroom taleggio, roasted poblano peppers, fresh chilies
MGFD Bacon fingerling potatoes, caramelized, cave aged gruyere, arugula
Meatball peppers & onions, escarole, trugole
Panna Cotta
Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Balancing Act: Get to Know Harry’s New Daily Entrée Specials

MG_new DDE

Harry’s Pizzeria fans, gather round!  Chef de cuisine Daniel Ramirez has three new Daily Entrée setups to share effective TODAY!  Besides our favorite Harry’s snacks, salads, and pizzas, these wholesome plates have shone bright in their own section of the menu since they were introduced a few summers ago for dinner.  Now available all day long, each day of the week highlights a new protein or in Monday’s case, a vegetable.  Then we hit repeat.  It’s time to refresh TUESDAY (short rib), FRIDAY (fish) and SUNDAY (lamb).


TUESDAY | Braised Short Rib with celery salad & crème fraîche 20

Harry’s sous chef Chris Cantu explains, “we season beef short rib with salt and pepper and hard sear both sides in a cast iron pan.”  At the same time mirepoix is sauteed and added to a hotel pan with tomato paste. It’s deglazed with red wine, brought to a boil, and then poured over the short rib.  The chefs slow roast the meat until tender for 3 1/2 hours at 350 degrees.  The celery salad, simply tossed in a lemon vinaigrette, adds a refreshing crunch to cut into the richness of the short rib.

IMG_0978FRIDAY | Wood Oven Roasted Local Fish with summer grain salad & aioli 21

“We call into Trigger [Seafood] on Wednesday and ask for the order to arrive Thursday so we are ahead of the game,” Cantu continues. “Last week it was Redfish, but it’s always different depending on what George sends us on any given week.  Sometimes it’s Snapper, other times Black Grouper.”  The fish is seared off and tops a summer grain salad of rice, bulgar wheat and farro that’s been tossed with small diced red pepper, zucchini and preserved lemon and champagne vinaigrette.  The contrast in temperature of a classic garlic-based aioli melting into the warm fish and its juices coating the fresh salad means this dish only gets better as you consume it.  Or rather, as it consumes you! The smells wafting from the plate are divine.

IMG_1063SUNDAY | Wood Oven Roasted Leg of Lamb with tabouli, yogurt, mint 20

This harissa-spiced leg of lamb is rubbed and marinated on Saturday night with ancho chili powder, garlic powder, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper,  ground caraway seeds, lemon and orange zest, and salt and pepper that’s been made into a paste with a little canola oil.  The leg is roasted whole at 350 degrees for 3 hours, and then carved into 7 ounce portions.  At service, a couple slices hit a sizzle plate to sear off in the wood oven before they hit a bed of yogurt.  Tabouli with the addition of rosemary plumped raisins to balance spiciness of the lamb finishes the dish.

Let us know what you think of our new Daily Entrées. Tag #HPDailyEntrees on your next visit to #HPDesignDistrict!

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Mango the Ways…

During Harry’s Pizzeria’s BBQ Night in Pizzaland a chance encounter landed the restaurant with over with 50 pounds of mangoes!  I met a woman named Valerie Stern, and she is my mango queen! When I saw her last, she handed me about 40 pounds of mangoes and told me to sprinkle their goodness around Genuineland.  Make your summer a whole lot sweeter?  We’re on it, Val!

Valerie moved into her Schenley Park home in 1992 – a mango tree stood on the property, complete with rope swing and it was too beautiful to pass up. Not even a month after moving in, on August 24, Hurricane Andrew took half of Valerie’s tree but couldn’t wipe it out.  This story has a happy ending and after a few years of consulting with various arborists and mango experts and lots of love, Valerie was able to nurse her mango tree back to health. She estimates that her mango tree is about 80 years old, based on when some other trees were planted in her neighborhood.  It’s over 30 feet tall!

One great thing about Valerie is that she’s generous, another great thing about her is that she doesn’t like raw mangoes… So… Valerie brings her mangoes to local restaurants and about 90% of her harvest are scattered around Miami’s finest eateries. She keeps about two mangoes a week for herself and the rest go to friends. Friends like PopNature and Wynwood Brewery, who are able to process and use the mangoes at the rate Valerie’s tree is producing them. Valerie’s mangoes are an endangered breed. About 10 years ago Valerie reached out to Dr. Richard Campbell, the Senior Curator of Tropical Fruit at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, to get some answers about her mysterious fruit. Cherwin mangoes are very sweet, very large and very dense and almost impossible to find in Miami any more. Cherwin’s are perfect for pulping and purees – they aren’t fibrous at all and have a very compact seed. They are most similar to Jubilee, another culinary favorite. At Harry’s Pizzeria, as part of our (RED) campaign, we are asking guests to bring in their mangoes to #86AIDS and raise awareness for the month of June… ’tis the season! Chef de Cuisine, Daniel Ramirez, put these mangoes to work and immediately had them on the menu. Now you can find them in our salad and house soda!

Executive Chef of The Genuine Hospitality Group, Bradley Herron, has his own 80 year old mango tree in his backyard. Chef Brad says, “I got mangoes coming out of my ears at home. You just gotta process all of them in the right ways,” Bradley explains. “The mint condition mangoes go on the counter – those are sliced for eating fresh. The slightly bruised ones that have tree-ripened and fallen (I have a tall tree!) – those get pureed and added to kombucha.  I have mango in the dehydrator for leather.  12 hours at 135 degrees. I have 60 pounds in the freezer for smoothies or sorbet.” Not everyone is a trained chef, but seasoned mango lovers know how to process their fruit!

Chef Michael Schwartz, Sunil Bhat and Eric Elliot Mango Hunting during last year's season!

Chef Michael Schwartz, Sunil Bhatt and Eric Elliot Mango Hunting during the 2014 season in May!

Eric Elliot, long time mango hunter, Miami Beach resident and good friend of Chef Michael, comes at mango season with full force! All he needs are his specialized mango picker (a Miami staple) and the sun at his back! Eric has four mango trees on his property, all different varieties; Carrie, Julie, Southern Blush and the elusive and highly prized Indian Alphonso — “the King of Mangoes”. One day he harvested over 300 pounds! Needless to say, Eric has to process his mangoes quick. Aside from the dedicated freezer in the garage filled with whole mangoes and purees, Eric uses a dehydrator to make mango chips – his kids’ favorite (not to mention they last all year round!) Eric credits mangoes with introducing him to his wife. In 1994, Eric attended a super spicy Indian dinner party and the only thing he could stomach on the menu was dessert, a mango pie. He had to find out who made this pie, and that search led him to Victoria, who later became his wife. Victoria’s parents have 11 mango trees at their home, so Victoria knew a thing or two about baking the best mango pie. As their wedding gift, Victoria’s father gave the couple their first mango tree. See how mangoes can bring people together? It’s a beautiful thing. How do I love thee? Let me mango the ways…