Go Behind-the-Scenes of Today’s Wall Street Journal Story Photo Shoot with Assistant to the Chef, Ellie Sara Groden

Daughters Ella and Lulu look on as mom and dad enjoy a moment together.

Open the Personal Journal of today’s Wall Street Journal and you will find a story that may get you in the mood to romance your special someone on Valentine’s Day!  That’s what Michael did for his wife Tamara, except it was the day after New Year’s on the request of style writer and author of the food/travel memoir Tiger in the Kitchen Cheryl Tan, whom he had the pleasure of meeting at their Miami Book Fair panel back in November.  Her Tricks of the Trade column runs in this lifestyle section every Thursday and today she focuses on some expert advice from someone who performs magic in the kitchen as his job, both in the restaurant and for his family at home.  I had all these photos from behind-the-scenes of the shoot for “A Special Gift, From the Chef” with photographer Brandon Kruse, so I thought it might be fun to find out from the prop stylist herself how it all came together that balmy winter evening.  Here is a quick Q&A with Ellie, below. DO try this one at home!

Michael's assistant Ellie on prop styling duty.

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