The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Sweet Tooth Episode Featuring Hedy Goldsmith Airs Tonight

Creamsicle pot de crème with doughnuts and blackberry tarragon marmalade.

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On Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate airing TONIGHT at 9:00 p.m./8:00 p.m. central, three renowned culinary personalities – Frank Bruni of The New York Times, Iron Chef Michael Symon, and chef and television food personality Scott Conant – will go on the record about their favorite Hedy Goldsmith goodies: pop tarts (Frank Bruni), popcorn and peanuts (Michael Symon) and creamsicle pot de crème (Scott Conant).  Hedy filmed her portion of the episode in the kitchen at Michael’s Genuine this past April.

“I was thrilled when I heard my desserts were picked for the show,” she says. “Though I love what I do it’s the joy my cooking brings to others that makes it all worth it. Having folks in the industry I respect sound off like this means a lot to me.”

And if that isn’t sweet enough, the icing hit the cake last week when Miami New Times awarded Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink “Best Desserts” for 2010.

Congratulations, Hedy!

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