[RECIPE] Oven Roasted Gold Bar Squash with Aribella Cheese, Prosciutto & Soft Herbs

Gold bars ahead!

“Quality is never an accident,” chef recently scribbled on his office closet door.  When we speak of what quality and its companion, creativity, mean in a kitchen or to dish creation specifically, out of the box thinking, big ideas and originality come to mind.  But would it take some of the magic away if what is really at play is much more grounded?  That instead of some high falutin divination, it’s a process — not unlike recipe-writing itself — that is detailed in every way.  I am starting to see it as an algorithm based on timing: what is seasonal, what is available and what is the context.  This produces the best creativity, and when the chefs nail it, it falls into focus.  A dish becomes instructive and expressive of the approach.  The why is in the how.

Words to stand by, and for, at The Genuine Hospitality Group.

Take Oven Roasted Gold Bar Squash with Aribella Cheese & Prosciutto, little bundles of the perfect, simple bite and part of the first course of next Wednesday’s Rancher Appreciation Supper at Harry’s Pizzeria® in the Design District.  As culinary assistant Megan Hess explains, “This dish is an opportunity to highlight three ingredients that each work to add something to the equation. The squash is something seasonal and fresh. Belgioioso’s Aribella cheese – think Taleggio – shows up all over the menu at Harry’s, from pizza to salad, so we wanted to rethink its potential and uses.  And the prosciutto, while we would be happy eating it out of the package, is something we don’t get to use everyday in the restaurant nor as an ingredient in a dish. It works great here to wrap it all together.”

Enjoy our calculations in your home kitchen, but first get a taste of the gold standard by purchasing tickets here!

Oven Roasted Gold Bar Squash with Arabella Cheese, Prosciutto & Soft Herbs

Serves 4 as an appetizer

10-12 baby squash, preferably Gold Bar
1 cup shredded Arabella cheese
½ pound sliced Niman Ranch prosciutto
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
Kosher salt & freshly cracked black pepper to taste
1/4 cup picked parsley
1/4 cup picked cilantro
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 450°F.

Cut each squash lengthwise. Sandwich some cheese in between the zucchini halves, pressing and shaping to secure. Wrap each bundle with a piece of prosciutto. Place each stuffed squash on a sheet tray about an inch apart, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until cheese is bubbling and prosciutto has lightly crisped. Toss parsley, cilantro, lemon and olive oil in a bowl. Present squash family-style on a platter topped with soft herbs and serve immediately.

After Irma Pizza Relief | Harry’s Pizzeria® Pledges Pies for First Responders

We all are feeling a little Irma-frayed right now.  As Chef wrote in an email to staff a few days ago: As we reach for a sense of normalcy, it’s hard not to think about what’s most important in our lives. We are grateful for what we have and who we have to share it with.

Before the storm hit, we put together a great dinner with people we respect and enjoy hanging out with: the folks at Niman Ranch like farmer advocate and founding family farmer Sarah Willis, helping us put ingredients raised with care on our menus at Harry’s Pizzeria®.  THE SHOW WILL GO ON!

Gold bars ahead!

Chef Bradley Herron put the Rancher Appreciation Supper menu in my inbox mere days before the storm hit as we were all distracted in preparation mode.  As things come back into focus, we are excited to share an air conditioned evening with friends and a comforting taste of normalcy next Wednesday, September 27 at Harry’s in the Miami Design District.

Each ticket purchased HERE equals a pizza for our extended family in the community, beginning with Coconut Grove’s City of Miami Station 8 Firehouse. With your support, we’ll deliver the motherlode as lunch (or more!!!) next week — a small way we can say thanks for keeping us safe and expediting the herculean task of literally lifting one of our neighborhoods up out of the muck.

Cheers to first responder teams everywhere making it all ok. Coming together just makes everything a little – in fact a lot – better.  So does saying YES to helping those who are helping us, even if it means dropping what you are doing or dealing with at the time.  It’s what genuine hospitality is all about.

Rancher Appreciation Supper | Menu

Warm Gougeres stuffed with taleggio
Rosemary Popcorn
Vegetable Crudite with jade dressing, bagna cauda, romesco sauce

Marinated Tuscan Kale with celery, quinoa, apple, pumpkin seeds
Wood Oven Roasted Gold Bar Squash with proscuitto, arubella cheese, soft herbs

Slow Roasted Beef Rib with fingerling potatoes, charred escarole, horseradish
Smoked Pork Neck shaved fennel, calabrian chili, preserved meyer lemon

Ginger Pavlova candied turmeric, lemongrass, mango, lime

Niman Ranch and Harry’s Pizzeria® Double Down on Ingredients Raised with Care

Food we can feel good about is what it’s all about.  Today we are announcing a commitment to just that at Harry’s Pizzeria®, by sourcing meat raised sustainably and humanely in partnership with industry-leader Niman Ranch. As of this summer, all locations of Michael’s genuine brand of thoughtfully-made, better pizza exclusively feature responsibly-sourced beef and pork products from Niman Ranch on the menu in pizza toppings including hot soppressata, shredded pulled pork shoulder, braised short rib, meatballs and bacon, as well as beef sirloin as an entrée. It just tastes better this way.

“Harry’s is about much more than pizza,” Chef explains. “We are committed to building community and a genuine experience for our guests, and this is a perfect way for us to check all those boxes. It feels good to support independent American family farmers who raise their livestock without antibiotics or added hormones. Not only can we stand behind a product that is top quality and tastes amazing, but we’re able to work with a supplier that shares our passion for doing the right thing.”

You’re bacon me crazy.

A special snack, Short Rib Bomba with fontina and arugula, will be available at all locations for $7 from Tuesday, September 5 until Saturday, September 30.

To celebrate the introduction, Niman Ranch’s family farmer advocate, Sarah Willis, will co-host a family-style dinner with Chef Schwartz at the original Harry’s Pizzeria in the Miami Design District on Wednesday, September 27 at 7 pm, the restaurant’s 6th anniversary. Tickets are live for Harry’s Rancher Appreciation Dinner as of this morning through harryspizzeria.com/nimanranch for $89 all-inclusive for a welcome cocktail, 3-course menu, and beverage including unlimited tap beer and two wines poured by the bottle all night. The menu will be announced soon.

With more than 40 years as an industry leader, Niman Ranch is a community of more than 720 independent family farmers and ranchers who raise livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably to deliver the finest-tasting meat. All Niman Ranch pork, beef, lamb and prepared products are certified under the Certified Humane® program and available nationwide at both food service and retail locations.

Over the years, our chefs have enjoyed working with the product.  We can recall many dishes showing up at Michael’s Genuine® Food & Drink with lamb especially like Niman Ranch Lamb Flatbread with preserved meyer lemon, hummus, harissa, pine nuts, golden raisins, and French feta and Lamb Stuffed Eggplant wood roasted and topped with local heirloom tomato, greek yogurt, and pistachios. Niman Ranch beef made our then restaurant in Grand Cayman’s burger one of the most sought after menu items on island.  Michael has also traveled to Iowa for its annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner to celebrate the good folks raising good product with a meal by adoring chefs.

“We are proud to have Niman Ranch showcased on Harry’s delicious pizza,” Niman Ranch general manager Jeff Tripician says. “The folks at Harry’s, under the vision of Chef Schwartz, serve up terrific dishes that are a perfect pairing for our meat, not to mention our company values. We’re proud to be associated and a part of such a progressive chef-centered enterprise that cares deeply about where their food comes from.”

Named one of the top 25 pizzerias in America by Food & Wine Magazine, Chef Schwartz’s Neighborhood American Pizzeria will add restaurants in Miami Beach, Aventura and Sunrise, FL as well as its first out of state locations in Cleveland and Atlanta as part of its expansion to 20 restaurants by 2020 and Niman Ranch is a key component to getting there in the right way.  Come along for the ride.  Follow @harryspizzeria and visit harryspizzeria.com for what’s on the menu.

Niman Ranch’s 13th Annual Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner

Niman Ranch merguez sausage pizza with harissa, preserved Meyer lemon, kalamata olive, manchego, scallions & mint tops, by sous chef Matt Hinckley. A special treat for staff, maybe coming soon to the menu.

Irene’s feeder bands aside, Chef is heading to Iowa this morning as one of seven chefs invited to put out a course at Saturday night’s Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner. The event is produced by Niman Ranch to celebrate the family farmers who raise its livestock “traditionally, humanely and sustainably.”

Michael has been using Niman Ranch lamb for as long as he can remember, and this is a great opportunity for him to see the operation and meet the people behind it. It’s also no secret we love having lamb on the menu here at MGFD.  A quick scan of changes over the past month reveal just how much: Niman Ranch Lamb Flatbread with preserved meyer lemon, hummus, harissa, pine nuts, golden raisins, and French feta; Niman Ranch Lamb Meatballs with local heirloom tomato, yogurt, and flat bread; Niman Ranch Lamb Stuffed Eggplant wood roasted and topped with local heirloom tomato, greek yogurt, and pistachios; Penne Bolognese with Niman Ranch Lamb, housemade organic ricotta, and basil; Wood Oven Baked Shepherd’s Pie with Niman Ranch Lamb and potato gratin (has been a Miami Spice course); Niman Ranch Lamb Tartare with harissa, fried capers, and crostini; and of course the mainstay also in Michael’s cookbook, Chargrilled Leg of Lamb with Greek farro salad and salsa verde…  For Slow Food Miami’s October 27 Ark of Taste dinner fashioned around the to-be-inducted Seminole Pumpkin, he’ll prepare a course of spaetzel and braised Niman Ranch lamb shank. At our Grand Cayman outpost, we feature its beef in our burgers and other dishes, like Grilled Niman Ranch beef cheek with Anson Mills polenta, grilled green onions, local radish and roasted corn salad, a recent verbal medium.

We will honor Niman Ranch’s desire to keep this Saturday’s menu a surprise for the farmers, but will say Michael’s dish is going to be crisp, bright, and creamy.  For a taste of what’s in store for the chefs this weekend, here’s a look at the 11th annual gathering and see below for their itinerary.

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Niman Ranch Tripe Vindaloo

Niman Ranch Tripe Vindaloo (verbal medium/12.) Vindaloo originates in the southwestern paradise of Goa, India, its smallest state with a prominent Portuguese influence.

Cow’s stomach has met its match at dinner tonight.   Sous chef Matt has tamed tripe from Niman Ranch, cooking it for four hours in a court-bouillon.  After cooling, the tender, honeycombed sheets are sliced into a cast iron skillet to roast in the wood-burning oven with chopped red bell peppers, sliced yellow onions, ginger, garlic, jalapeno, baby carrots, and a local organic egg from the happiest chickens you will ever meet (they shack up at South Florida’s cozy PNS Farms.)  The veg stay big and rustic, and mellow out this curry’s characteristic fire.  Matt’s take melds coriander, cumin, cardamom, paprika, red chile flakes and powder, and tumeric.  A sourdough crostini with chile aioli, cilantro, and radish sprouts is placed on top as it comes out of the oven and heads to the table.