[VIDEO] Bradley Packs Some Heat with Pig

When a whole Hereford hog comes in from Jim Wood at Palmetto Creek Farms you can usually count on  porchetta coming out of chef de cuisine Bradley Herron’s kitchen.  But today we concern ourselves with some of the less predictable but no less delicious ways Friday’s delivery is showing up on the menu this week.

One of last night’s specials was pig’s foot, tenderized meat pulled after a long braise and compressed into a roulade, seared off until crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, and set on a smooth shmear of onion sauce next to a crunchy mound of pickled okra, radish and frisee. See how the dish came together in the kitchen last night with cook Jose on the hot line and Bradley on expo.  There are 3 of the 16 orders of pig foot left for tonight’s dinner service, and a new dish ready to fly out, the description of which is above care of Brad’s clipboard.

And if you see Brad around the restaurant on your next visit, be sure to embarrass our Eater Young Gun nominee some more with a congratulatory high five and a shout @jefeherron #eyg12 on Twitter.  If he’ll let you!

[UPDATED] And the Winner is… Heritage Pork!

Update: This little piggy went to Harry’s Pizzeria…  Winning hog farmer Jim Wood’s Herefords will be front and center on tomorrow night’s Greenhouse Pizzeria menu.  Festivities begin at 7:00 p.m. Purchase tickets now while they are still available, by clicking here.

Hipstamatic is even on the Cochon 555 brandwagon. (photo credit: Ellie Sara Groden)

We are SO friggin’ proud of Michael and chef de Cuisine Bradley Herron for their insane judge’s plate and overall creativity of the entire menu and its presentation, including Godzilla pork rinds, tatts, and all, at last night’s Cochon 555 event in Miami.  A Hereford-at-hanging-weight-sized congratulations to chef Michelle Bernstein, chef de cuisine Bernice Dearaujo, GM Jorge Anaya-Lopez, and the entire SRA. Martinez team on their victory which we are especially thrilled could be shared with one of our favorite local farmers, Jim Wood and his wife Debbie of Palmetto Creek Farms in Avon Park. They, along with our Texan Ossabaw farmer Felix Florez of Black Hill Meats, donated hogs and were in attendance at the Four Seasons Brickell to celebrate and in doing so, support and promote heritage pork. From the energy in the room and the smiles on people’s faces, the message was received loud, fatty, and clear.  Hosted by founder Brady Lowe, Cochon 555 is an annual tour of five cities wherein each compete five chefs using five pigs bred by small, family or local operations, with five wineries and some other really top-notch sponsors of product you want to consume like beers from San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing, Murray’s Cheese, Le Creuset, Rappahannock oysters, and Angel’s Evy (among other) bourbon.

Our judge's pig plate.

From Bradley’s mustard with smoked sausage en croute, to Michael’s BLT which was one of the best ever thanks to our fatty pig, #teamgenuine’s menu was one we and many others will be drooling over for a long time!  A sweet assist from Hedy Goldsmith is never to be forgotten, with her Maple Bacon Peacan Pie (with smoked pecans, housemade creme fraiche, candied bacon toffee, and bourbon chocolate sauce!)  MGFD line cook Jason Aroyo supported by Alex Griffin professionally led the team of helpers from J&W to crank this baby out efficiently and deliciously.  A special shout goes to the incredibly gifted typewriter (a human machine, I kid you not), photographer, and  “Old Pal” pourer Ellie Sara Groden.  Check out her (better iPhone) and my (worse BlackBerry) photos of what went down downtown last night here. Hope to see Brady’s crew descend on The City Beautiful next year, and good luck to team Bernstein in Aspen on 6/17.  We’ll have our own Animals to contend with at Harry’s!

Porchetta. The Italian Way to Love Pork.

Porchetta. The Italian Way to Love Pork.
by Meaghan O’Connor, MGFD server

As Chef Brad likes to say, we like to “pork it up” at Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink. One of my favorite examples is when we feature Porchetta. A part of the process at Michael’s is that the talent in the kitchen has creative freedom to utilize things when they are at their best to create the freshest, most innovative, fantastic dishes. Every bit of flavor coaxed out over a well planned process, and this is an amazing example of that.

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On the Menu Now: Porchetta Sandwich and Frozen Greek Yogurt with Georgia Peaches

Pig and peaches are hitting the Miami menu big time.  

Jim Wood at Palmetto Creek Farm dropped off a whole hereford hog yesterday.  Our server Meaghan O’Connor noted that chef de cuisine Bradley likes to say we’ll be ‘porking it up’ over the next week here.  Today’s special sandwich is porchetta. Meaghan likes to write and is a porchetta fan, so she penned a piece on how it’s made; we will post it here tomorrow.

Also, rather than get strawberries from California now that our local season is over, Hedy is pairing her homemade frozen greek yogurt with luscious Georgia peaches as we head into summer. A key ingredient of this dessert is Lyle’s Golden Syrup, which Hedy is now using as a corn syrup alternative on the recommendation of pastry chef Shuna Fish of Peels in New York City.  Golden syrup is a pale treacle, a thick, amber-colored form of inverted sugar syrup made in the process of refining sugar cane juice into sugar — as opposed to Molasses which is a dark treacle with a richer color and stronger, slightly bitter flavor (via Wikipeda.)  We like that Lyle’s is free from artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives. 

Plot your strategy to eat it all up, with the photos below as further encouragement.

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