Recipe: Hua Moa Tostones

In Miami, we’re spoiled by tostones. They’re everywhere! So when we received our first samples of the rare Hua Moa plantain, and they were green, we immediately thought of frying them up.

These revelatory tostones, which you can now make at home with Michael’s original recipe below, are just the jumping-off point.  Michael, Hedy, and Bradley have all been planning our menu for Slow Food Miami’s October 26 feast, er, event to celebrate Hua Moa’s nomination into the Ark of Taste.  As the not-so-secret ingredient, it will appear in no less than 11 items! There is a heritage pig from Palmetto Creek Farms involved, and of course, Hedy has brought the funk in Hua Moa desserts.  More details to come on  Slow Food Miami’s website. For the record, we warned you tickets would move quickly!

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